Bang-go: the solution to “hat hair”


We all know what ‘hat hair’ is, right? It happens when you try to wear a hat on a hot sunny day, and end up with your hair plastered unattractively to your head, or sticking out at all kinds of weird angles. Women with bangs are particularly susceptible to a bad case of hat hair, which is why Lauren Hoyez invented the Bang-go: the adjustable cap/visor with a gap in the front which you can pull your bangs through.

Kind of makes you look like your hat grew a beard, no? Or like a small animal landed on your head. So, while it’ll cure one case of "hat hair", we’re thinking it’s also created a whole new genre of "hat hair" the likes of which we hadn’t even begun to imagine until now.

Apparently the Bang-go is super-comfortable, keeps you cool in the summer and prevents you getting headaches and wrinkles from the sun. If you think all of of those positives make you want to risk being arrested by us, they’re $20 each and you can buy them here.

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