Wanted! Balenciaga mint leather pencil skirt

Time for a little bit of fantasy shopping to kick off this Monday morning. Because if we could just have this Balenciaga leather pencil skirt, we promise we’d never complain about Mondays ever again. Or about anything, really…

Balenciago leather pencil skirt

It’s funny, because for the most part, leather skirts fall into the “love to look at them, don’t love to wear them” category for us. Sure, they look fantastic (or they CAN do, if they’re done right), but it can be hard to get the perfect fit, then you have to worry about them ruching around the hips when you walk, bulging uncomfotably when you try to sit down in them… Of course, most of those issues will be solved if you can just make sure you get the perfect fit, but honestly, we’d be willing to overlook a lot with this particular skirt. The mint green leather, the nipped-in waist, the chunky belt. It’s a perfect “wear now, wear later” piece… so it’s just a shame it’s £1,495, isn’t it?

Also on our Most Wanted list on this fine Monday morning: the Givenchy Antigona bag, in a colour Net-a-Porter are calling “pastel pink”, but which we call… well, NOT pastel pink, by any means:

Givenchy Antigona satchel

We’re gonna call it “creamy neutral”. Yes, it’s a thing. Whatever you want to call it, though, it looks like a pretty useful neutral, and yes, we know: the ‘Antigona’ is so much of an “It” bag that everyone and their uncle seems to have one now. ‘It’ bags become popular for a reason, though, and snobbery is never stylish, so if you like something and you’re not wearing just because it’s popular, that makes you just as much of a fashion criminal as the people who wear things because they ARE popular. There’s more than one way to be a fashion criminal, folks…

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