Bad boots, bad dress, bad jewellery…

ugly boots

Attention all officers! We’ve identified a new suspect in our fight against fashion crime. The suspect goes under the brand name Le Ragazze Di St. Barth, and they’ve already managed to sell so many pairs of the above boots that they’ve completely sold out at Which is confusing, because they look a bit like they’ve been left out in the damp too long, and have started to grow mould

The boots, however, are none of our concern: they’ve committed their crime, and they’ve managed to get off scott free. We must be more vigilant! We must not make the same mistake twice! For when we started to investigate the boots, look what we found:

see through dress

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They’re selling it as a dress. And yes, we know what you’re thinking. Which part is the “dress”, right? Because all we see is a sheer slip worn over a sports bra. This tells us that it’s the kind of dress only The Emperor can see. You all know how we feel about that

You know what would look FANTASTIC, though?

The dress, the boots… and this necklace:

sporran necklace

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Honestly, at first we thought it was some kind of newfangled sporran. We’re not really sure if that would make it better or worse.

We’re hereby placing this brand under observation. As always, if you suspect you’ve witnessed a crime of fashion, remember to call the Fashion Police…

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