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Back vents spread to outerwear: Charlotte Ronson cutout tuxedo jacket


Remember all of the back vent dresses we've been arresting recently? It would be a shame to buy one of these and then have to hide their, er, unique feature underneath an ordinary old jacket, wouldn't it? You know, one that actually had a BACK? Anyway, as all good fashionistas know, covering your back is, like, SO 2008, and that's why so many items of clothing have been appearing in stores lately with either partial backs or no backs at all.

Luckily for those of you who're buying the back vent dresses like they're about to go out of fashion (And actually? We really hope they are.), Charlotte Ronson is on the case, with her cutout tuxedo jacket, which comes with a back vent of its very own. So now you can wear something over your dress, but still be able to flash the flesh on that all-important section of your lower back. Genius.

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