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Bad Bikinis: the crochet monokini

Crochet_bikini Now, we have nothing against crochet, when it’s done right, but by that we mean "when it’s not on swimwear". We’ve yet to meet a crocheted bikini or one piece we liked, and this one is no exception. In fact, it looks to us suspiciously like the model went to sleep in the sun, and while she was out, a large and scary spider spun a web all the way from bra to bikini line. Which just isn’t a great look, you know?

Also: we know we say this a lot about strangely shaped swimwear, but it clearly bears repeating, as the designers obviously haven’t got the message yet: TAN LINES. They will be awesome.

Thanks to Crystal for reporting this Crime of Fashion, which she found on eBay – of course!

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