Azzedine Alaia python sandals with bells: noisy but nice(ish)


Every time we look at these shoes we're reminded of that old 'Banbury Cross' nursery rhyme and the line about "rings on her fingers and bells on her toes". These shoes will quite literally give you bells on your toes, but here's the thing: they'll give you bells on your ankles, too. Quite a lot of them, actually. And therein lies the problem. Because these shoes are not ugly. Or we wouldn't kick them out of the shoe closet, put it that way. They will, however, be noisy. In the way that, say, a cat is noisy when it's wearing one of those collars with the little bells on, only multiplied by about 50-odd bells. On each foot.

We're just not sure we could live with that, to be honest. Definitely not for our police uniforms, anyway, because how would we be able to sneak up on fashion criminals when our ankles and toes were tinkling merrily away? And possibly not  for our civilian outfits, either, because we like to be silent when we're raiding the fridge, say. Or, you know, walking.

What say you, readers? Would you like to have music wherever you go? If so, these are by Azzedine Alaia and they're a whopping £1,340 from Browns.

[Thanks to Mousy, once again!]

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