socks with sandals

Gladiator sandals, garter leggings and other crimes of fashion

Remember when gladiator sandals were in fashion, and everyone was walking around wearing what we like to think of as “skeleton boots”? Well, they’re back: Jeffrey Campbell ‘Lilith’ shoes, $325 “Gladiator sandals” isn’t really the right term for these, but honestly, we’re not really sure what WOULD be the right way to describe them. Jeffrey Campbell (for of course he is the criminal mastermind behind these) calls them ‘Lilith’, so maybe we’ll just go with that. Let’s all hope Lilith doesn’t prove to be anything like as popular as her sister, Lita, huh? The good news is that these fasten via a zipper at the back of the leg, so if you DO happen to think they’re the best thing…