ASOS Sell Chloe Paddingtons Again

ASOS Sell Chloe Paddingtons Again

Lookit! It’s the Chloe Paddington – isn’t it pretty? Say it is pretty. Now, there’s nothing new about the Chloe Paddington, but it is our very favourite handbag, and it is once again available at one of our very favourite websites, ASOS, for a cool $795. These babies sold out pretty quickly last time ASOS started selling them, so if I were you I’d grab one quick. Or two, mebbe.

Wanted! Cole Haan G-Series Suede Tote

Cole Haan G-Series Suede Tote

There’s just something about a bag with a belt around it that endears itself to me. No, I have no idea why: it could just be that, like myself, it looks like the bag is frantically trying to make itself look slimmer by adding a big ol’ belt and pulling it in tight. Who knows. Whatever the reason, I *heart* this suede number from Cole Haan. It’s also a bit of a tardis of a big, this one, because although it looks only medium-sized at best, it’s apparently large enough to hold a laptop. Size and style – love it! It’s $525 at Neiman Marcus.

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