The Good, The Bad and The Ugly: ASOS Spring 2013

The Good:

ASOS Spring 2013

ASOS Spring 2013 dresses

LOVE the dresses. Or we would if they were just a little bit longer, anyway. OK, quite a bit longer: the one on the left isn’t passing the Fingertip Test on this model, and we have no idea how she’d be able to move freely in it without fear of flashing everyone. We’re willing to concede that the rest of the world tends to like hemlines a lot shorter than we’d wear personally, though, so that aside, top marks to ASOS for excellent work on the summer dress front. We particularly like the print on the one of the left: yes, it reminds us of a vase, but it would be perfect on a hot summer day, and wouldn’t require any accessorizing other than shoes and maybe sunglasses: great for us lazy gals…

The Bad:

dresses from the ASOS summer collection 2013

First up, we should stress here that  the outfit on the left is a t-shirt worn over a dress, not, as we first thought, a dress itself. If it had been an actual dress, it would be a terrifying example of Stuck-Together-Clothes, and would have classed as “ugly”, rather than simply “bad”. As it is… it’s pretty bad. And also fascinating, actually, because we’ve been seeing examples of these super-shiny t-shirts all over the place lately, and it would never have occurred to us to throw one over a clashing lace dress. This is why we’re not fashionable, obviously.

As for the dress on the right: this COULD have worked if it had a little more shape to it. As shown here, it looks like a flesh wound. Maybe that’s just us, though.

The Downright Ugly:

denim outfits from ASOS

On the left: an 80s fancy dress costume. On the right: the Dress Like a Toddler Trend meets… Sideboob. We’re assuming the stylist thought she’d make the toddler-esque overalls look more adult by layering them over the sheer top. That worked just a little TOO well, if you ask us…

In the gallery below, you’ll find some more images from the ASOS Spring 2013 collection. Some are good, some are bad, s0me are downright ugly. It’s up to you to decide which is which…

GALLERY: ASOS Spring 2013 Collection

All items available at as part of the Spring 2013 collection.



  • February 25, 2013


    I think the links are broken – they keep rerouting to here

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    • February 25, 2013

      The Fashion Police

      I just went through the post and all of the links are working for me. Which ones aren’t working for you?

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  • March 9, 2013


    Huh. I’ve never thought of dungarees as being particularly childish. I just think of farmers and tomboys.

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