ASOS Premium make wire stripe detail jumper: Fashion Police ask why?

Here is another item for the ‘clothes-we-don’t-understand’ file.  If it is cold enough to need a knitted sweater, why would you want one with a huge mesh slash down the front, exposing your entire mid-riff to the cold?  Or if it is warm enough to be comfortable bearing your stomach, why the knit sweater and the long sleeves?  Sometimes it makes our brains hurt trying to get our heads around pointless garments such as this one.

We can only assume/hope that this is designed to be worn with another top underneath it but that is not how ASOS have styled it.  However, ASOS see fit to style this with leggings as pants (which we all know they are not) so perhaps the ASOS stylists are not the best people from whom to take advice.

If you are experiencing weather conditions strange enough to warrant an item of clothing such as this, you are in luck as it has been reduced to £10 in the sale.  You can buy it here.

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  • May 16, 2010


    I know why… it’s to write “Miss Asos” there… or Miss anything else! As they were in a hurry to launch it, they didn’t have enough time to embroider it… an the result was that.
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