ASOS continues bid to normalise pyjamas in public

pyjamas in public

These are not pyjamas.

We realise they look like pyjamas, walk like pyjamas and quack like pyjamas, but trust us: these are not pyjamas. These are part of an edgy, fashion-forward outfit from ASOS, which won’t at all make you look like you just tumbled out of bed and hit the road. Not in the  slightest.

The clue, of course, is in the shoes. Most of us probably don’t wear 5″ strappy sandals with our PJs, but this model is, because this model is not wearing pyjamas. This makes us wonder if all of those people we see wandering around the streets in dressing gowns and Ugg boots are ALSO not wearing pyjamas, but are, in fact, edgy fashionistas who are “rocking” a “bang on trend” look?

Which brings us to the point: when mainstream fashion brands are promoting the “pyjamas in public” look, how will we be able to tell the difference between the fashionistas, and the people who really DID just fall out of bed and not bother to get dressed? Are they actually one and the same? Is the fashion world just screwing with us now?

More importantly: would you wear this outfit? If you would, click here to buy it at ASOS….

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  • May 29, 2012


    The answer to this question: Is the fashion world just screwing with us now? is always, yes, yes they are.

    I particularly hate the pjs in public trend. Because when I worked in the court system, all I wanted was to wear my pajamas to court (I’m not a morning person). So I searched far and wide for clothes that were as comfortable as pjs, but looked good enough for court. By the time I was reasonably successful (no one would call me a fashion plate) it became ok to wear pjs everywhere, including yes, to court. Not for staff, of course, but plenty of people come to court straight out of bed. By this time, I was too old to think this looks ok on anyone. Phooey.

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