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      How to organize your closet

      How to Organize Your Closet Now that spring has officially sprung, chances are some of you are either preparing to spring-clean your closet, or are getting your spring clothes out of storage, ready to be worn. Even if you haven’t been bitten by the spring-cleaning bug, we recommend taking a…


      Spring Capsule Wardrobe 2014

      Spring Capsule Wardrobe 2014 Spring is in the air – at least, we hope so – which means many of you are probably starting to think about packing away the winter woolies to make way for the lighter, brighter spring collections. So, what will you be wearing in spring 2014?…


      The Importance of Developing a Uniform

      Today at The Fashion Police, we’re talking about the importance of developing a “uniform”: Whoops! Sorry, wrong kind of “uniform!” No, we’re not suggesting you should dress as a soldier, or a nurse, or cabin crew, or wear any other kind of traditional uniform every day. Well, not unless you…


      How to Wear a Full Skirt

      The current trend for full skirts has The Fashion Police jumping for joy: with their dramatic silhouette and retro-inspired feel, this is one trend we can definitely get behind. Although full skirts have been around for a long time,  however, they can be tricky to wear without feeling like you…


      How to dress up your winter coat

      Winter coats: Collectif Remember Gossip Girl’s Blair Waldorf, and her amazing selection of outerwear? At this time of year, we often wonder why more people don’t take a leaf out of Blair’s book and turn their trusty winter coats into outfits all on their own, as opposed to simply the…


      Style SOS | Can you wear capris with boots?

      Can you wear capris with boots? Lots of you have been searching the site for the answer to this particular question lately, so we figured it was time to put it up for debate. CAN you wear capris with boots? Let’s find out… Capri pants, NOT worn with boots: Bernie Dexter…


      What to Wear When You Work From Home

      With an ever-increasing number of people choosing to work from home, whether by running their own businesses/freelancing or by telecommuting for their existing employer, today we answer the all-important question: what to wear when when you work from home? What to wear when you work from home? Before we try…

      Ask TFP | Why are you so pale?

      For this edition of Ask The Fashion Police, we’re once again delving into our search referrers to answer the questions people ask Google about fashion and style. We’re also delving into the kinda, sorta-related world of social etiquette, which is awesome, because we could talk about etiquette aaaalll day, seriously….

      red low-cut top

      Where has all the cleavage gone?

      As some of you know, we’ve been on vacation for the past few weeks, which means we’ve gotten a little behind with the ol’ mailbag. In a bid to catch up, here’s one from before we went away…. Dress: ASOS QUESTION:  Where has the cleavage gone to? I see lovely…


      How to stay stylish in a heatwave

      If you live in the UK – or any of the other parts of the world currently enjoying soaring temperatures – we’re going to take a wild guess that your biggest style dilemma right now isn’t how to look “cool” in the style sense: it’s just how to look –…


      How to Find Your Style

      Don’t know what to wear? Sick of opening up your closet every morning and staring at the contents in despair, or trying on outfit after outfit, only to end up settling for that ancient pair of jeans and a sweater, because you just don’t know what you like any more,…


      How to look good at the beach

      There’s nothing more fun than a day at the beach, is there? The sun, the sea, the sand, the awkward attempts to look and feel like you’re totally at ease wandering around in public in what amounts to little more than your underwear… Well, OK, maybe not that last bit….

      ankle boots

      Can you wear boots in summer?

      Today’s look at our search referrers revealed one question coming up more than any other: Can you wear boots in summer? Well: CAN you? Dress & boots: ASOS It’s very easy to get caught up in the idea that certain items of clothing are only appropriate in certain seasons. Shorts in summer. Wool…

      summer style crimes

      Summer Style Crimes to Avoid

      Summer is a great time for fashion. Without the need to worry about having to stay warm by layering up in coats, tights and anything else you can throw over that that cute outfit to beat the chill, it can be a great time to experiment with summer style and…

      dressed up woman

      Why are there so few opportunities to get dressed up?

      From our inbox comes this question from someone who shares our love of getting “dressed up”: This isn’t so much a question-and-answer as it is an opportunity for us to indulge in a quick rant on one of our favourite subjects, namely the phenomenon we’ve dubbed The Cult of…

      selection of pastel shoes

      Style SOS: How to wear pastel shoes

      From our question box: Pastels, as we’re sure we don’t need to tell you, are as ubiquitous in Spring/Summer as florals are, and pastel shoes have been a trend for the past couple of years, with mint, lemon and baby blue footwear particularly in evidence. While pastel shoes LOOK…


      Style S.O.S: What to Wear for Graduation

      Earlier this week, a question about what to wear for graduation dropped into our suggestion box. The question specifically asked about what to wear to someone else’s graduation ceremony (in this case, a sister’s), but we figured there are probably quite a few people wondering what to wear to…

      style dilemma

      Got a style dilemma?

      Got a style dilemma or a burning fashion question you need answered? Now you can submit your Fashion Police queries quickly, easily and anonymously (if you so desire) over at our profile. We’ll be sharing the most interesting and frequently asked questions here on the blog, so you can…