Ask the Fashion Police: Which dress should I buy for a formal dinner dance?


It’s been a while since we had an Ask the Fashion Police question to resolve, so when Anita wrote to ask for our help with a fashion dilemma, we thought it was high time to revive this section – and, of course, to enlist the help of our other readers.

Anita writes:

Dear Fashion Police,
I have to attend a formal Annual (Dinner/Dance) Ball in December; and I know it’s ages, but you know it takes ages to find the perfect dress!

I am a size 0. I have medium coloured skin, black/very dark brown hair and black/very dark brown eyes. I can’t decide which one of the following gowns to wear:

Dress One or Dress Two

Dear Anita,

Oh, how I wish I had this particular problem! Both are lovely dresses, but I share your reservations about both the back of dress A, and the colour of dress B. My reservation about the olive dress, however, is purely a personal thing – it’s not my favourite colour, but I think it can look great on darker skin tones, and going from your description, I think it could look great on you.

But I don’t think it has the "wow factor" you’re looking for. Dress A has more of that, both in terms of the colour and the sweetheart neckline, which I think is that little bit dressier than the plain neck of the other dress.

But I’m not so keen on the back:


Again, this is purely a personal thing, because there’s nothing actually wrong with this style – it’s just not to my taste, and I’d like this dress a whole lot more with a plainer back.

So here’s what I’d do…

I’d buy dress B, assuming the size 2 would work for you, or you could have it altered. Then I’d dress it up a little, buying a wide ribbon/sash in either the same colour if you can find it, or a contrasting one if you can’t (gold might be nice) and play around with it: tie a bow at the front or the back, tie it around the waist and fasten with a corsage or sparkly brooch, that kind of thing. You could also add a brooch/corsage to one side of the bodice if you wanted – just don’t go overboard with too many accessories, or you could end up looking like a Christmas tree!

Then I’d add a pair of killer stilettos (again, I think gold would work) and a short necklace or choker, et voila! You’re good to go.

But that’s just me, and, of course, it’s all a matter of personal taste, which is why I’m turning the question over to our readers, in an attempt to get you a more balanced view.

So, what do you think, readers? Which dress should Anita buy?

P.S – Please remember to keep your suggestions constructive!

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Ask the Fashion Police: Can I boil my Crocs?


Question received via our web search: "Can I boil my Crocs?"

What, you mean like lobsters? To kill them? Well, we guess anything you can do to Crocs other than actually wearing them is probably a step forward, but a cursory search of the Crocs website reveals that no, you cannot boil your Crocs. And you can’t eat them, either. Sorry to be the ones to break it to you.

Crocs say: "4 out of 5 Crocs, Inc. Customer Service Representatives in this study agreed that even though the shoes had a nice texture and looked tasty; they would not recommend eating the shoes."

If you just want to clean them, then, stick to good old soapy water, and keep it at a normal temperature. If you want to eat them, see your shrink, because Houston, we have a problem. If you’re trying to kill them, on the other hand, hey, want to join The Fashion Police? We like the way you think…

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Ask the Fashion Police: Solve My Tights Dilemma!


Dear Fashion Police,

I’m hoping for some sage advice on what tights to wear with a wedding outfit (the wedding is on 22 December so I will have to wear tights. Or I will freeze). I will be wearing: this dress, these shoes in hot pink, this coat in ‘mercury’ (or grey): I’ll also be getting a shrug/bolero in either cream or pink. Now my dilemma is that I think nude tights will work best, but they’re not very fashionable? Would black opaques work or would they look odd with the shoes? I appreciate this isn’t, let’s say, the most fascinating dilemma but my brain is incapable of making a decision (it’s worn out from trying to find a frock that fits, looks great and isn’t black….and failing). I would appreciate any help you can give. T

hanks and season’s greetings, Anne-Marie


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Ask the Fashion Police: What trainers should I wear with skinny jeans?


Dear Fashion Police,

I just bought a pair of skinny jeans, and am wondering what to wear with them. Can I wear trainers with them, and if so, what style would you recommend?

Allison, Wales

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