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Ask the Fashion Police: Where to find kitten heel wedding shoes?

A question from our Formspring page:

Q: Dear Fashion Police, Do you know where to find beautiful wedding shoes – here’s the challenge: kitten heel (how ugly are kitten heels…) and NON-Pointy… in the uk? No one sells pointy shoes apart from wedding shops.. why oh why Thank you dear FP!

A: Wow, this really is quite the challenge! Although the Fashion Powers That Be have decreed kitten heels to be “in” this season, it’s not a decision the shoe-buying public have embraced wholeheartedly, so they’re still a little thin on the ground (or low to the ground as the case may be with kitten heels) – or, at least, pretty ones are!

Wedding shops do tend to stock a lot of kitten heels due to the fact that not a lot of brides relish the thought of standing around in stilettos all day. As you rightly observe, though, most of those kitten heels DO tend to have pointy toe, and this is because closed round toes on this kind of heel can look a little clumsy, and out of balance. If you really want non-pointy kitten heels, then, our suggestion would be to go for sandals or peep toes: again, you’re going to have your work cut out for you here, but we managed to find these DaisyB shoes (above) at Faith, for just £55, and available in white or ivory. Alternatively, their ‘Dinairb’ sandals are £5 cheaper, and have a barely-there look to them with a hint of sparkle.

You didn’t specify where you’re located, so we’re not sure if these will meet your requirements, so we’re going to get our readers in on the act and see if we can drum up some more suggestions for you! Anyone spotted a cute pair of non-pointy kitten heeled wedding shoes?

[Note:  This post was written before news broke that Faith has gone into administration. You can still buy the shoes featured, but you will need to visit a Faith store or concession, as the website is not currently accepting orders.]

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