Ask the Fashion Police, Sock Horror!

Ask The Fashion Police: Are stockings with sandals a crime of fashion?

From our Formspring page:

Q. Is it acceptable to wear stockings with the seam line when wearing open toe shoes (or even peep toe for that matter) if you can’t find seamless stockings? Or should I risk letting my legs look pale and not so perfect?

A. We get this question fairly often, so let’s address it once and for all…

Although we call ourselves The Fashion Police, you might be surprised to know that in “real” life there are actually very few things that we’d consider an absolute “no”. Sheer stocking with sandals, however, is one of those things: particularly if the stockings in question are flesh-coloured, and the toe seam is highly visible.  Toe seams aren’t designed to be on show. Strappy sandals and peep toes aren’t designed to be worn with tights. It’s as simple as that, and before a dozen or so of our male readers all rush to tell us that if we only knew how turned on they are by the sight of sheer tights and strappy sandals, we’d wear them all the time yes, we DO know. You’ve told us before.  And we don’t care, because we still don’t like this look,  and we don’t dress to please men. Sorry.

To address the “pale and not so perfect” comment: well, we don’t actually think there’s anything so very wrong with pale skin, but if you do want to take the glare off a little before baring your pins to the world, there are plenty of products available to help you do that: Pretty Polly’s Love Legs range, for instance, contains various types of wash-off “leg makeup” which is good for adding a hint of colour without turning you orange.

Just to confuse matters further, we’d like to add that none of this applies to opaque tights and peep toes. We actually quite like that look. Why yes, we ARE pretty fickle, aren’t we?

As with all of our “advice”, however, we feel we have to add the disclaimer that these are simply personal opinions. We know there are lots of people out there who really like the look of sheer tights in sandals (And not all of them are men determined to tell us what to wear, either), so let’s hear from our readers.

What do you think of stockings and sandals? Fashion crime, or absolutely fine?

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