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Excuse the profanity: we figured that if a retailer like Browns considered these acceptable enough to sell on their website (For in the region of £500 each…), we could probably get away with featuring them on ours, if only so we could ask you what you think of them. Specifically, what we’d like to know is:

1. What do you think of profanity on clothing? These are obviously intended to be tongue-in-cheek, and possibly a little bit controversial, but we tend to see this kind of thing as a little bit like a child trying its best to get attention by dropping the F-Bomb. As that child’s parents might tell it, it ain’t big and it ain’t clever, and while we’re not offended by swearing in “real life”, we’re not sure we’d want to wear these, not least because, well, they’re £500 sequin t-shirts, which wouldn’t go down well in an awful lot of places. Which brings us to our second point, which is…

2. £550 for a t-shirt? Really? Are the sequins made from solid silver? Because that’s the only way we think this price would be justified, and even then, we’d still hesitate before handing over that much money for a sequin t-shirt. Maybe it’s us? Maybe we just need to chill out and…

Stop Worrying t-shirt

This is also £550. We’re still worrying over here.

Still, there IS some good news in all of this. The good news is that if you’ve ever wanted to look like a sequin-encrusted workie – and really, who HASN’T? – Ashish have got that covered for you, too:

sequined vest and joggers

The hi-vis vest is £665, and the joggers are £840, and if you’re thinking that sounds like a lot of money for … these… then maybe the following pieces of evidence will help change your minds:

Ashish sequinned items

Or then again, maybe they won’t.

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