Wear or Die | Ashish Fall 2014 Edition

WEAR OR DIE is a Fashion Police game in which we choose two ugly outfits, and you decide which one you’d wear if you HAD to wear one… or die. This week,  things have taken a decidedly frilly turn…

Ashish Fall 2014

Both of these looks are from the Ashish Fall 2014 collection, which is kind of a double-denim-meets-sea-creatures-meets-sequins affair. Marvellous. We’ll just pause here so you can tell us that it’s OMGART and we JUST DON’T UNDERSTAND.

Got that off your chest? OK, on with the fun part… or the Not So Fun part, depending on how you look at it. It’s fun for US, obviously, but it’s possibly Not So Fun for you, because you’re the one who’s going to have to wear one of these outfits. In public. And no, you can’t wear a huge coat over the top, or otherwise hide yourself from the public gaze – you’re going to have to parade around in public, with your head held high, just as these two brave models did at the Ashish show this week.

So, which will you choose? Let’s take a look…

OPTION A (on the left of the image) is a double-denim delight, gloriously be-ruffled, with extravagant shoulders and thighs – not qualities we often look for in clothing, it has to be said.

OPTION B, meanwhile, is a little less in-your face in terms of ruffles, but it makes up for it by exposing most of your stomach and torso, which might be a little chilly at this time of year.

As always, death is not an option in this game, so you’re going to have to choose one of these two outfits to wear: the only question is – which will it be?

Will you choose double denim or exposed midriff? Which of these outfits would you wear, if you had to wear one, or DIE?

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