ASDA plead “innocent” to allegations of stuck-together-clothes


Remember last year, when Rock Hyrax made a Citizen’s Arrest at Asda, who were discovered to be selling stuck-together-clothes? Well, this week she’s sent in this second image which proves that they have mended their ways and are no longer indulging in the nefarious practice of sewing innocent items of clothing together. Look! TWO PIECES! Two! And for £12! Now, isn’t that a much better idea than one item that just looks like two? We think so, although we’re amused to note that the Stuck Together Movement has obviously gained such a strong foothold in the world of retail that Asda felt the need to point out that these were, in fact, NOT joined at the hip. Or at the chest. Or, you know, wherever.

Bravo, Asda. Let’s hope more retailers will follow where you lead…

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