Armani adverts “promote sexual tourism”. Apparently.

Armani campaign What do you see when you look at this picture from the Armani Junior advertising campaign? Personally, I see two little girls enjoying the sunshine. One’s wearing a bikini top, but hey, lots of little girls wear bikini tops like that in the summer. They’re apparently wearing makeup, too, but I don’t really see it, and if they are – so what? Who didn’t try on their mother’s makeup when they were a kid? (Well, other than boys, anyway…)

So, that’s what I see. Some people, though, see two very sexual little beings when they look at this picture. Those people are from the Institute for the Defense of Children in Spain, and they’re demanding that Armani remove the images because they “promote sexual tourism”. Uh huh.

Now, call me mad, crazy, whatever you like, but I think it’s the Institute for the Defense of Children that have the problem here. I think you have to be just a little bit twisted to look at what is a fairly innocent photo of two kids having fun, and see something sexual in it. It wouldn’t have even occurred to me to see something sexual in these two kids – maybe that’s just me, though.

Where will this endless paranoia end, I wonder? Is the day coming when children will no longer be able to wear swimsuits in summer, because, hey, some people may think they look “too sexual” in them? Will we soon be shrouding our children head to toe in black burkhas to save them from paedophile’s evil eyes? Or maybe, just maybe, will we see sense and let kids be kids while they still can?


  • March 13, 2007


    I’ve seen the argument made that the only people who read “sexy” into pictures like that are people who actually *find* the kids sexy…and those people, to some extent, ALWAYS see kids as sexualized.
    It puts me in mind of the far-right-wing-Christianist who said, a few years ago, that one needed to fight against homosexuality because homosexual sex was so much more enticing than heterosexual sex.
    …yeah. Only if you happen to be homosexual, though! I sort of feel like the same thing is going on — this is only sexy to you if you…well, find kids sexy. Whether or not you care to admit it to yourself.

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  • March 15, 2007


    Laura, you are totally right. And that’s exactly what I wanted to say 🙂

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  • April 11, 2007


    haha, reminds me of this old sketch comedy, where this politician was decrying public art, because he claimed all he saw was “naked boys, naked boys, naked boys!!!”, which he then smuggled the paintings into his office, going “mmmmmmm”
    I’m sure a few Spanish political folk have a copy of this Ad for their own personal use.

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