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Fashion Police Poll: Are you a fashion snob?

Fashion_snob_2 A few days ago, The Fashion Police happened to overhear a conversation between a couple of women who were talking loudly – and, indeed, proudly – about how they were “fashion snobs”.

By this they meant that they would only ever buy designer labels, and “wouldn’t be seen dead” in stores like Primark, Matalan, Asda or any of the cheap fashion emporiums of their ilk. (Think Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, Walmart, etc, if you’re in the States).

This got us wondering: how many of you would also consider yourselves to be “fashion snobs”? Are there certain brands you just won’t buy, because you consider them “cheap”, or because you’re embarrassed to tell people you shop there?

You’ll find our answer to that question, plus a poll, after the jump…

For ourselves, no, we definitely don’t consider ourselves to be fashion snobs. To put it simply, we’ll shop anywhere, from Primark to Prada, and if we like it, we’ll buy it – assuming, of course, that we can afford it. (Because your Fashion Police are responsible, folks.)

That’s not to say that we never discriminate, of course. There are certain stores we tend to avoid, for various reasons –  but none of those reasons include “embarrassment” or not wanting people to see us wearing a particular brand.

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