That’s actually more fungi-like than the previous fungi-dress post. Maybe …

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That’s actually more fungi-like than the previous fungi-dress post. Maybe because the lumps are bigger, and spaced apparently randomly across the body. Blergh!
The bottom of the dress isn’t too bad though. I can’t see all the details too well, because it’s black, but it looks as though it might be quite elegant. Although I think there are probably still some fungi lumps on that bit too.

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How much would you pay for…the perfect jeans?
What I tend to find is that the perfect jeans do not STAY perfect. This has happened when I have changed shape (i.e. losing weight, becoming more muscular) or they do (changing in the wash and through general wear). I do not trust jeans.

Topshop try to make mom jeans happen
This article didn’t mention anything about pear/apple shapes though?

The Cleavage Question: Aqua Bandstand Plunge Neck Open Back Pencil Dress
See, I think that dress would probably have nowhere near the same effect on me – I have no cleavage to speak of, ever, not even with a mega push up bra that makes me more bra than boob – it just doesn’t happen. So on me, in that v-neck would just be an expanse of flat skin… 😛 It would probably still look weird though

The new breed of animal hats, for wacky, zany people
There’s a skunk hat! I’m tempted… I mean, it’s not any weirder than having two pet skunks is it?

Not A Dress # 365: ASOS tunic with PU panel
… I… I kinda like it… but I’m not sure where I’d wear it. 😛
Then again, I almost caught myself buying a dalmatian print furry coat from there the other day, until I realised that I tend to wear a lot of red lipstick and that I’d look like Cruella de Vil. I’m pretty sure my fashion sanity is quite questionable at the moment.

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