Anna Wintour and Blake Lively front row at Christian Dior Couture (and Jared Leto looking…different)

Anna Wintour Blake LIvely

We’d love to know what Anna Wintour is actually thinking in all of the photos we see of her sitting next to some celebrity at the front row of a fashion show. Here, for instance, she looks like she’s thinking “Who is this girl?” and “I wonder how soon I can leave?”

The girl, of course, is Blake Lively, and she’s pictured sitting in the front row of Christian Dior’s Paris Couture show this week. Jared Leto, on the other hand, we’d have had much more trouble identifying: take a look at our gallery of the other arrivals to see what we mean!


  • July 6, 2010

    Ellen S.

    Um, is it just me or is AW’s pinky toe sticking out over her shoe? Gross. And speaking of shoes, I love Blake’s! Anyone know who makes them?

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  • July 7, 2010


    Anna doesn’t look too bad here except she didn’t pay enough attention to her footwear this time. I was disappointed with Blake’s dress actually and has something fallen on her head? Normally she looks nothing less than stunning.

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  • July 7, 2010


    AW wore those sandals before, which is fine, but considering she doesn’t even have beautiful feet, pedicure would be urgently recommended in her case… and the toe “escaping”… no! Blake has a bruised knee, but anyway… her shoes are nice!

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