Anna Hathaway, Jessica Chastain & Amanada Seyfried’s red carpet looks

Anne Hathaway in a black trouser suit

Anne Hathaway continues to fascinate us with her choice of outfits for her Les Miserables promotional activities: we may not have exactly loved everything she’s worn over the past few weeks (That “shower curtain” dress, as one of our readers dubbed it, springs to mind, for instance…), but at least she’s never boring, eh?

For last night’s 2013 National Board of Review Awards Gala, Anne went for a simple black trouser suit, fancied up with a bow-necked blouse and some strappy sandals.

Co-star Amanda Seyfriend, meanwhile, went for a midi-length halter dress by Bottega Veneta:

Amanda Seyfried

while Jessica Chastain took us back to black with a simple-but-effective Alexander McQueen column dress with gold collar:

Jessica Chaxtain in an Alexander McQueen dress

Anne Hathaway and Jessica Chastain are both up for BAFTAs this year (Anne for Les Miserables, and Jessica for Zero Dark Thirty), and will find out tomorrow whether or not they’ll make it onto the list of Oscar Nominees. Or rather, Anne will have to wait until tomorrow: Jessica Chastain will apparently be mid-flight, somewhere between New York and LA when the announcement is made, so she’ll have to sit tight and wait it out. “I am probably going to be looking at the stewardesses to see if they’re extra nice to me,” she said.

We don’t know about Oscar nominations, but would you be extra nice to Jessica Chastain, based purely on her outfit choice for this event?

Which of the three is your favourite look?


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  • April 29, 2013


    Jessica Chastain’s, though I don’t like the length very much. 4″ longer would have been fine.

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