Angelina`s fashion style is boring and has gotten predictable: black. …

Comment on Angelina Jolie at the L.A. Premiere of ‘Salt’ by maddy.

Angelina`s fashion style is boring and has gotten predictable: black. Black+way too thin is not a nice image so I don`t like it at all.

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Adult Onesies: the horror continues
unless you have a fetish or you lost a bet or you go to a costume party, i can`t see why anyone would want these around.

Three Things: Printed trousers
i am attracted to this trend but it`s hard to find something that does not look like tapestry from an old couch, at least in the stores i`ve visited. until now i haven`t found a pair of printed pants that i like. i stopped looking because it`s summer and it`s too hot to wear pants anyway. skirts and dresses, here i come.

Closet Heroes: The Jersey Blazer
i am wearing such an informal blazer right now. i agree, it`s a good piece in anyone`s wardrobe, goes well with skinny jeans and high heels and also with a pair of sportier shoes. it`s versatile.
the hardest working clothes in my wardrobe are my jeans, in different colors (classic denim, light blue, zebra, red).

DYDDD: Do You Do Double Denim?
i saw many fashion bloggers on instagram wearing double denim and looking good but it`s not my style, i think i`ll look stupid dressed this way. once piece of denim (the pants) is enough for me.

Style Trial: Flower garlands
no, i would not wear one in public.
this is that type of thing that looks nice in staged photos, with models and all, but on a real person doing day to day activities it looks dumb. guess you will blend in with the scenery if you were on a tropical island or at some hippy festival.

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