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Fashion Police issue arrest warrant for Amy Winehouse’s ballet slippers


It’s not that they look bad, because I don’t think they do, particularly. It’s not even the fact that when Amy Winehouse finds a style she likes, she sticks to it like glue (witness this summer’s ubiquitous white hotpants). No, it’s the fact that these are ballet slippers – with "slippers" being the operative word, here. They may be cute for wearing around the house, but can you even begin to imagine how those things would feel pounding the cold, hard streets of London? How they’d feel if you trod on a stone, or a piece of glass? I mean, you’d seriously have to be on crack to walk around in public in these. Oh no, wait…

Amy? Sweetheart? A good pair of shoes won’t do much to get you out of the world of mess you’ve created for yourself right now, that’s for sure. But they’d help.

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