Amy Childs models her Spring/Summer 2012 fashion range

Amy Childs fashion line

For those of you just joining us from the US, or, indeed, any other part of the world that has managed to remain Childs-free, Amy Childs is a UK reality TV “star” who followed the usual career path for reality stars, and launched her own fashion line last year. She has really big… hair.

This is the second collection, which launched this week in London. It’s not exactly high fashion, and there’s nothing here that you can’t already find a version of somewhere on the  high street, but we’re just going to come out and admit that we don’t hate it. In fact, in the case of the little polka dot/stripe number, we’d even wear it.

Would you wear clothing by Amy Childs? Take a look at the gallery and tell us what you think…and if you do want to buy it, bookmark the Amy Childs website, where it’ll be available soon.


  • March 21, 2012


    Cute…but as you’ve said nothing special that can’t be found anywhere else. And almost all the dresses and too tight and/or too short to me.

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  • March 21, 2012


    I live in a country that’s “Childs-free” so far, so to me she is just somebody who is marketing her own fashion line.
    Although the clothes may not be the most special, quirky or “fashion forward”, I like them. And I would absolutely buy and wear all of the dresses in the second and third pictures and the white one in the last picture.
    From what I’ve seen on her website they are even affordable.
    So why not? At least she doesn’t have her name written all over them…

    Oh, and a big thumbs up to her for choosing models that have “normal” proportions instead of emaciated stick figures.

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