Aminaka Wilmont’s Trompe L’Oeil Mannequin Dress: Almost guaranteed to make you look thinner, but is that enough to make you wear it?


To this day, the Fashion Police officers involved in the edition of Wear or Die which featured a Balenciaga dress with another dress drawn on the front of it (Yes, we do realise that’s a particularly clumsy way to describe it, but really, how do you find the words for such horrors?) are still receiving regular therapy, so deep were the scars they endured. This dress by Aminaka Wilmont isn’t even in the same league, of course, but the memory of That Balenciaga Creation still haunts us to the extent that we will treat with suspicion anything that so much as reminds us of it.

The Case for the Prosecution:

This dress just cries out "I’d really, really like to be a bit thinner, and I’m desperately doing everything I can to look that way." In fact, you may as well just replace the dress with a sign saying "Would like to lose weight".

The Case for the Defense:

It’s fun, creative and clever – and probably even more slimming than black.


The fact that it would make us look like a naked mannequin troubles us.


Ah, but it’s a witty reflection on the world of fashion, and how real women aspire to look like plastic mannequins. As such, it is hilarious.


You got that right…

Over to you, Fashion Police Jury. Do you agree with the Prosecution or the Defense?

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