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American Apparel under Fashion Police investigation for “non-hippie related use of tie dye”


We’ve had a few emails now relating to American Apparel’s tie dye cotton spandex harem pants, but we think Delaney said it best, writing, “I think that you should arrest this monstrosity for non-hippie related use of tie dye, in addition to the obvious drop-crotch horror. The five-star rating, suggestion to look at AA’s “Afrika Print” version, and matching tie-dye tube top force me to reach for the eye bleach.”

Of course, the, uh, great thing about these is that, if you don’t want to wear them as a jumpsuit, as shown above, you just just yank down the top and wear them as a stripper pants. Look:


Yeah. If you’re done with that eyeball bleach, Delaney, would you mind passing it in this direction?

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