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American Apparel: perfect for pregnancy, apparently


We can't say for certain, of course, but if The Fashion Police were pregnant, we can't help thinking that the last thing we'd feel like slipping into would be one of American Apparel's spandex unitards. (Not just because we're led to believe pregnancy involves a lot of trips to the bathroom, and we don't think we could be bothered having to get more or less undressed each time.)

Then again, The Fashion Police AREN'T pregnant, and one of the last things we feel like slipping into is… one of American Apparel's spandex unitards. So maybe it's just us. AA, however, in their infinite wisdom, recently launched an advertising campaign in which they point out how "perfect" their items are for pregnant women. We reckon pregnant women should probably be the judge of that one, so tell us folks: what do you think?

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