Always losing your sunglasses? There’s an app for that…



sunglasses with iphone app

Any time we write about designer sunglasses, our readers tell us they’d never buy a pair: not just because of the cost, but because sunglasses are one of those items that are constantly being lost or broken. And if you’re going to lose your sunglasses, you’d much rather they be Primark than Prada, right?

Well, we can’t help you with the breakage risk, unfortunately, but sunglasses brand Tzukuri have come up with a solution to the “I always leave my sunglasses on the bus/at the bar/anywhere else I happen to put them down” issue: each pair of their frames comes embedded with a beacon, which sends an alert to your iPhone as soon as it moves outwith a certain range. (We’re assuming this alert can be disabled when you’re at home, for instance, otherwise you’d be constantly getting alerts telling you your sunglasses weren’t with your phone, when in fact they were safely stored in your closet. We can definitely see the usefulness of it when you’re out and about, though…)

As for the glasses themselves, they wont be available to buy until the end of the year, but the company promises six different styles in three different sizes, and they’ve carefully analysed thousands of faces to create the perfect fit: there’s nothing worse (as far as sunglasses go, anyway) than glasses which constantly slide down your nose, or catch on your eyelashes every time you blink, after all.

From all of this, you can probably guess that these won’t be cheap, and you’d be right. Prices will start from around $350, the argument being that for that investment, you’ll get a pair of sunglasses for life(ish), because they’ll fit your face perfectly, and will be much harder to lose. If you decide to sit on them, though, well, nothing’s going to help you with that…

What do you think: would you be interested in sunglasses which you can track on your iPhone, or do you think it’s just another gimmick?


  • June 18, 2014


    What about

    – your umbrella
    – your laptop (almost a thousand laptops are left behind at Heathrow every year)
    – your newborn
    – your rings – I tend to leave them behind when I wash my hands in public restrooms
    – your jacket
    – your mp3 player (our gym has a whole box of forgotten and unclaimed players)
    – your wife (a number of Japanese men, brought to a service station on a German motorway and provided with a Mercedes Benz sport coupe each to drive without speed limit, forgot their wifes at the service station out of sheer enthusiasm)

    – will you track them all? I’m afraid this is going to become one of those applications we all wee able to do without, like GPS navigation, and then become too stupid to do without it.

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  • June 20, 2014

    Wild Tea Party

    What Claudia said – could I get an app that keeps track of other important things? The number of umbrellas I’ve lost… *sigh* I just don’t really see this being overly useful to me. I have a pair of Miu Miu sunnies and because they were so expensive I’m extra careful with them. As soon as they’re off my face they’re back in their cover, safely in my handbag.

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  • June 20, 2014


    Oh that’s my problem, I always loose sunglasses.

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