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Alexander Wang sticks leather jacket to skirt: Fashion Police confused

A leather jacket…with an attached skirt. With this one (two?) garment, we think Alexander Wang has cemented his reputation as King of Stuck Together Clothes. No one can touch him, for surely no one else would think it made sense to attach a canvas skirt to a leather jacket. SURELY?

Now, granted, the skirt is detachable. That’s a very good thing, because we must admit, we can’t think of a single occasion on which we’d want to have our outerwear attached to our, er, inner-wear. Unless the whole thing is supposed to be worn as outerwear, of course? Would THAT make more sense? Well, maybe a little, but… not much, as far as we’re concerned.

What do you think, readers? Net-a-Porter call this a “future classic”, so if you want to look fantastic at some possibly mythical future date, better head over there, and have £1,978 at the ready!

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