Style Trial: Alain Quilici for David Koma 130mm greyhound net leather boots

greyhound boots

The Fashion Police love dogs. Love ’em. Where would we be without our trusty police dog, after all?

We have to say, though, we kinda prefer to keep dogs as pets, as opposed to fashion accessories. And we’d much rather walk ’em than walk ON ’em.

That’s why we won’t be rushing to buy these £958 greyhound boots any time soon. You, however  may be planning to do just that, and if you are, it’s time to speak up in their defence, or forever hold your peace, for these are now up on trial: are the guilty or innocent of committing crimes of fashion?


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  • August 22, 2012

    Rock Hyrax

    Can’t help thinking they look like they’re dragging their bums on the floor.

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