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Star Style on Trial: Agyness Deyn on the red carpet


It’s the most stylish woman in the world again, folks. We know this to be true because the fashion press keep telling us it is. If the general air of breathless excitement that greets everything Agyness Deyn ever does is anything to go by, of course, it’s just not possible that you could feel anything other than sheer awe at the sight of this outfit, which Aggie wore to a screening of My Blueberry Nights this week. The thing is, though: we can’t help feeling that if anyone else wore something like this (Or, indeed, any of Agyness’s outfits), we’d have them thrown in the Fashion Police slammer before you could say "What IS that thing under her blouse, anyway?" But hey, it’s Agyness, and it seems to be almost sacrilegious not to be a fervent admirer of her style at the moment, so we’re putting her on trial:

What do you think of Agyness Deyn’s outfit? Fashion Crime or Absolutely Fine?

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