Fashion Police on Patrol: More adult onesies arrested

The Hulk adult onesie

Our officers on the beat captured this Crime of Fashion at Primark this week. We know nightwear is usually outwith our jurisdiction, but this is basically contraception in clothing form, and the growing trend for pyjamas in public makes us worry that we’ll soon start seeing these on the street.

Meanwhile, if these had been in the children’s department, we’d probably have thought they were cute:

adult onesies

But we found them in menswear. That’s … not cute. Look at the FEET, people. Why would grown men want to do this to themselves?

(We know, we know: they’re SO! COMFY! And WARM! But so are lots of clothes. Breaking news: you don’t HAVE to dress like a giant penguin in order to be comfortable and warm: there are other ways, people! THERE ARE OTHER WAYS.)

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