Acne Jeans: catering to your inner Katie Holmes


Oh, here we go… When Katie Holmes jumps into the fire, the fashion world has to follow, and Dressed and Pressed have managed to uncover these Acne jeans which will help you create that "pegged jean" look at home, should you wish to.

Now, we actually didn’t hate this look on Katie, but we qualified that opinion by saying we wouldn’t wear it ourselves, and we stand by that. On Ms Holmes we think this looks kinda cute n’ casual, but for some reason, on the legs of the Acne model, it just looks like someone tried their best to roll their jeans, but failed. Maybe they should’ve taken note from Jennifer Aniston, seen rolling her jeans the right way earlier this week?

Still, if you like this look, go for it: the jeans in question are £150, but the Acne website advises buying them a size or two smaller than you’d usually wear so if you have a 26" waist, which is the smallest size available, then you’re screwed…

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