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      iphone cases

      8 Instagrammable iPhone Cases for your iPhone 6

      All iPhone Cases: Shopbop iPhone cases aren’t just accessories for your phone, as much fun as it can be to play dress up with your tech every now and then. No, iphone cases are also important accessories for your Instagram feed: and yes, fashion bloggers, we’re talking to you here. Oh come on, we all know you like to artfully arrange your phone with a carefully-placed cup of coffee, and probably an open  lipstick too, for good measure. (Note: you know never to use that lipstick, don’t you? Because it won’t look nearly as good on Instagram once it’s been used a few times, will it?) OK, we’re joking: we’re not saying you should buy these iPhone cases (or anything…

      choker necklaces

      90s-style chokers make a comeback at River Island

      If you were alive in the 90s – and old enough to buy /choose your own clothes – chances are, you probably owned a choker or two. Or five. Chokers were the very height of fashion in the 90s. Buffy wore them. Sabrina the Teenage Witch wore them. All the girls on 90210 (Or Beverly Hills 90210, as it was then…) wore them. You and your friends probably wore them. Your dog wore them. Your granny… probably didn’t wear them, actually. Moving on… If you were REALLY cool, you might have had one of the “tattoo” choker necklaces, which made you look like you had a tattoo circling your neck (or, to those in the know, like you’d hit up…


      Always losing your sunglasses? There’s an app for that…

          Any time we write about designer sunglasses, our readers tell us they’d never buy a pair: not just because of the cost, but because sunglasses are one of those items that are constantly being lost or broken. And if you’re going to lose your sunglasses, you’d much rather they be Primark than Prada, right? Well, we can’t help you with the breakage risk, unfortunately, but sunglasses brand Tzukuri have come up with a solution to the “I always leave my sunglasses on the bus/at the bar/anywhere else I happen to put them down” issue: each pair of their frames comes embedded with a beacon, which sends an alert to your iPhone as soon as it moves outwith a…


      Would you wear… River Island’s multicoloured feather Mohawk?

      River Island feather mohawk’s, £35 You can always tell festival season is approaching when headgear like this starts to appear on your favourite retail sites, nestled innocently amongst the dresses and shoes you were expecting to see there. These mohawk hats are from River Island, who we don’t normally associate with “edgy” dressing, but that’s how they’ve described these. They also note that these will help you “ensure your festival style stands out from the crowd,” so at least that provides SOME explanation for their existence. We guess that if we were going to wear something like this, a festival would probably be the place to do it, but the word “edgy” is a good clue that we wouldn’t wear…


      Accessories to the Crime | More Piers Atkinson headbands

      OK: we know Piers Atkinson has been in Fashion Police custody ever since his last batch of “whimsical” headbands triggered the ‘Daylight Robbery’ alarm, but we really feel THIS needs to be addressed: Pom Pom Headband, £350 It’s £350. That;s approximately $571. Five. Hundred. Dollars. For what looks like a kid’s craft project. Piers Atkinson is onto a good thing here, clearly. He is a criminal mastermind, adapt at extracting large amounts of money from people in exchange for… pom poms. On a headband. What adult woman would wear something like this, we wonder? Look, even the model turned her back to the camera: Net-a-Porter tactfully say that “this eye-catching piece is sure to lend every look a fun focal…


      Bad hair day? Try a Eugenia Kim Hair Hat

      Eugenia Kim Hair Hats, £266 We’ve all been there, haven’t we? You wake up late, you absolutely HAVE to leave for work, like, five minutes ago, and there’s nothing – NOTHING – you can do to make your hair behave the way you want it to, so you sigh in frustration, throw on a hat, and call it a day. A Bad Hair Day. If only there was a way your Bad Hair Hat (TM) could ACTUALLY look like hair! Wouldn’t that be awesome? It would indeed. And we’ll let you into a secret: there IS a type of hat that looks like hair. It’s called a wig. But if you don’t want to wear a wig (And we totally…

      scrunchies are making a comeback

      Scrunchies are making a comeback: will you wear one?

      Scrunchies: ASOS Like many items from the 80s and 90s, scrunchies are currently making a bit of a comeback, and are available to buy at places like ASOS (where we found the examples above) and various other mass-market retailers. So, how do we feel about this? Well, on the plus side, scrunchies are kinder to your hair than many other forms of hair-tie. The fabric which surrounds them doesn’t snag or pull at your hair, and they’re comfortable to wear to bed, say, or to tie your hair up in the shower or bath. Scrunchies also come in a variety of different colours and prints (like the monochrome one above, which is “bang on trend” for this season), so they’re…


      Style Trial: Flower garlands

      If personal style blogs are to be believed, a lot of women spent a large part of last summer prancing around the woods with giant flower garlands on their heads. The trouble with this, of course, is that personal style blogs possibly AREN’T a great indication of what people who AREN’T bloggers are actually wearing. We saw dozens of photos of bloggers apparently wearing this look in day-to-day life, for instance, but we’ve yet to see someone standing in line at the post office, or wandering around the supermarket looking like an extra from A Midsummer Night’s Dream. This begs the question: are people actually wearing flower garlands? IS there a way to make this look work outside of a…


      By Ludo earbud neckace: saving the planet, one earbud at a time

      By Ludo earbud necklace and earings @ Louisa Via Roma ‘Nothing is created and nothing is destroyed, but everything is transformed,”  is the motto of By Ludo. That’s all well and good, of course, but what we really want to know is why they’re expecting us to pay £184 for a necklace and £119 for a pair of earrings made out of old earbuds, when we could probably string a USB cable and a set of ‘buds around our necks for free? If, of course, we wanted to. One thing’s for sure, though: all those people who love to go around declaring themselves to be “SUCH a geek!” just because they use the same gadgets as everyone else in the…

      dollar bill necklace

      Would you wear… a dollar bill necklace?

        They say that if ya got it, ya may as well flaunt it. Except when it comes to cold, hard cash. It’s just not really classy to walk around flashing a fistful of dollars, is it? Or even, you could argue, to wear one single dollar bill slung around your neck. Ironically, this necklace may LOOK like one dollar, but you’ll need 283 of them to actually buy it – and no, they’re not real pearls if that’s how you’re thinking they’ve managed to justify that cost. “They” are Bijoux de Famille, and this isn’t their only use of (pretend) currency (that’s not a REAL dollar bill…) in the creation of fashion accessories. Nope, there’s also this necklace: and…

      yellow bow gloves

      High Street Shopping: Yellow leather look bow gloves from River Island

      We know -because the fashion magazines never tire of telling us – that accessories are a great way to add character to a dull outfit, and give a grey day/outfit a “pop of colour”. (Aside: is everyone else as tired of the phrase “pop of colour” as we are? Yes? Good.) We also know – because the chill in the air tells us so – that gloves are pretty essential around this time of year. Chilblains just aren’t trendy, are they? Put these two things together, and you end up with these yellow bow-front gloves. They’re not real leather (which is honestly a bit disappointing given the £25 price tag), but they ARE very cute, very cheerful, and if you kind of half-close your…


      High Street Shopping Pick of the Day: Polka dot pillbox hat

      It’s no secret that The Fashion Police love polka dots, so for today’s High Street Shopping Pick, we found a (relatively) inexpensive way to add some of our favourite print to our winter wardrobe. This polka dot pillbox hat is £25 at River Island, and will give a dash of retro-inspired style to your outerwear. It’s a little more stylish than a beanie or bobble hat, but will still stop the heat “escaping through your head”, like your mother always warned you… [Buy it]

      ugly hat

      Nice hat.

      Or…not. Seriously, what are we even looking at here? Is her face in jail? A strange, woolen hat jail? Is the tip of her nose really cold? Also: what if she wants to eat something, or take a sip of water? What if she sneezes? So many reasons to find this a crime of fashion. So few reasons to actually wear it

      pom pom headband

      Halloween Headwear by Piers Atkinson for From Somewhere

      To be fair, it IS almost Halloween. And ‘Scary Clown’ always makes for a great costume choice, don’t you think? As for what you’d do with your £50 pom pom headband after the costume party, though: well, yoy got us there. Maybe it’s just us, but we honestly can’t think of a single time we’ve gotten dressed in the morning and thought to ourselves, “You know what this outfit needs? Pom poms. Big ones. On the head.” We also can’t think of a single outfit that wouldn’t be rendered instantly more comical with the addition of this headband. Still, it’s good to laugh, isn’t it? And the fact that this particular piece is already low in stock tells us that…

      meat necklace

      The Meat-Lace: suitable for vegetarians

      Worry not, Fashion Police jurors: no animals were harmed in the making of this necklace – sorry, “meat-lace”: it’s made from “100% animal-friendly” materials. We’re just going to go ahead and admit that “inspired by Lady Gaga’s meat dress” are words we never hoped to have to read, but if you’re going to wear a piece of meat on a chain around your neck, at least this one won’t start to turn green after a few hours. Want one? It’s by Onch Movement, it’s $70, and you can buy it here.

      fringed cap

      Eyesight is SO last season, apparently…

      Well, seriously: who really NEEDS to see where they’re going, anyway? Don’t you know that being able to see is, like, SO last season? This winter, all of the edgy dressers will be walking around in one of these: And probably FALLING around in one of these, too. But wait! What’s this: Well, this changes everything, doesn’t it? Now this seems like a totally reasonable way to spend $200! We think everyone should buy one, actually. And then the streets will be full of  people all wandering around, aimlessly walking into each other and falling over. Edgy. [Buy it]  

      Azumu & David Bob hats

      Bob hats by Azumi & David

      Want to get a head (of hair)? Why, get a hat! An Azumi & David hat, we mean. Well, it’s a lot lower-risk than actually cutting your hair like this, and it’ll keep your ears warm too: win-win! “But Fashion Police!” we hear you cry, “I’m a guy! I don’t WANT a bob! How can I share in this awesome, hair-raising fun?” Worry not: we think guys could totally rock these, but if you fancy something a little shorter, how about these? Distinguished, non?

      A-Morir sunglasses

      Strange Sunnies: A-Morir Spring 2012

      Sunglasses: they’re always either a little bit boring, or a bit bit crazy. These ones by A-Morir won’t leave you much change out of £500 in some cases (some are cheaper, though. And by “cheaper” we mean they’re only £300), and we’re questioning how, exactly, you’d be able to see with them on, but maybe that doesn’t matter when you’re rich, and a fashion victim, who knows? Would you wear any of these? Click here to buy them if you would.

      Silver ring with two ears by Calourette

      EAR Fashion: Calourette Ear Ring

      Sometimes the items we arrest are large, in-your-face fashion criminals: the kind of items of clothing which no one could possibly miss, were you to walk down the street in them. And sometimes they’re smaller, more subtle details, which still make us do a double take and wonder if some designer is trying to mess with us again. This ear ring by Calourette falls into the latter category. Yes, those are two ears on the front. No, we can’t really think of a less likely object to put on a piece of jewellery. Well, have YOU ever looked in the mirror and thought to yourself: you know what this outfit needs? An extra pair of EARS! Because the two I have…


      Would you wear… A cherry headband by Piers Atkinson?

      Sometimes what happens on the runway stays on the runway. Other times, what happens on the runway filters through to retailers, and suddenly those wacky, experimental looks are actually available to buy and wear, in real life. The Fall 2011 runways had more than their fair share of giant headgear (see Dior Couture, if you don’t believe us), and now you, too, can balance a giant object on top of your heads, thanks to these cherry headbands by Piers Atkinson, which are available to buy from We think they look pretty cute on the model, in a strictly-editorial kind of way. What we want to know, though, is would you wear them? Have you secretly always wanted to wear a couple of…

      nunettes glasses

      Nunettes joke-shop style glasses: the new “hot trend” apparently

      We know: you’re wondering what on earth we’re doing policing joke shops when we’re supposed to be a Fashion Police, aren’t you? Bear with us: these may look like your typical prank glasses, the kind of thing you’d buy for Halloween, or to play a joke on a friend, but nope, they’re being sold at designer fashion emporium Colette, who say they are a “must have”. They also claim the brand has been seen on celebrities such as Lady Gaga, P Diddy and … Carine Roitfeld. OK, we can totally see Gaga in them, that’s for sure. And we wouldn’t put it past P Diddy, either. But we can only assume Carine Roitfeld wore another style from this brand, and…

      cat hairball jewellery

      Cat hairball jewellery by Kate Benjamin

      Cat ladies are cool, y’all. Well, that’s what Kate Benjamin of Moderncat wants you to think, anyway. In a bid to dispel the idea of the crazy cat lady, Kate got together with friend and jeweller Heidi Abramson to create a range of jewellery made from the hair of our feline friends. Kate says, “I started with a good grooming session with several of the cats, then I hand-rolled each ball of cat fur into a tight bead. By rolling the loose fur between your palms, the strands become felted together, forming a solid little bead. Heidi then transformed the beads using her silversmithing skills and her amazing eye for modern design and voil…!” The good news, then, is that…

      eyebrow shades

      Strange Sunnies: The Eyebrow Sunglasses by Laura Kranitz

      Sunglasses with fake (gold) eyebrows attached to them: why has no one done this before? (Other than joke stores selling Groucho Marx costumes, we mean.) Seriously, think of the possibilities for people who over-pluck, people who can’t be bothered to pluck, people with unibrows, eyebrow rugs, or just generally badly groomed eyebrows. Pop on a pair of sunglasses, et voila! Your eyebrows will be gold, but they will be perfect! (If you call this look “perfect”, that is. We don’t, but you might.) These are $42 – click here to buy them.

      strange sunglasses

      Strange Sunglasses: Ketevane Maissaia red-legged glasses

      Something we’ve noticed during our years on the Fashion Police beat, is that sunglasses tend to fall into two distinct categories. They’re all either: a) Nice, but pretty unexciting. or b) Totally and utterly bizarre. We’re sure we don’t need to tell you which category these ones fall into, do we? Here’s what they look like on: They’re actually a little less strange than we’d expected, although they do make up for it by being $685. We’ve had cars that cost less than that. Well, OK, not really, but we could have. Think that price is totally justified? Then click here and get buying!

      cherry ring

      Daylight Robbery? Marina Calamai cherry ring

      It’s cute. It’s whimsical. It looks like the kind of thing you’d pick up in Claire’s Accorssories, and pay less than £5 for. But it’s not. Actually, this little cherry ring will set you back £819 / $1,332. Now, we’re going to assume that’s some kind of precious metal at the base (Colette haven’t specified what it’s made of), but even assuming it is: if we’ve just spent $1,332 on an item of jewellery, we kind of don’t want it to look like it could’ve come from Claire’s. Is it just us? Would you pay that much for this ring? Click here if you answered in the affirmative…

      Juicy Couture Mohawk hat front

      Hairstyle in a hat: Juicy Couture Mohawk hat

      Have you ever wanted a Mohawk cut but just not had the courage to go for it?  Well now you can have a Mohawk in a hat!  We are not sure that is a particularly good thing, but that’s just our opinion.  What do you think?  Would you wear a hat that looks like it’s a Mohawk?  Or is it best left to punks to get the real thing on their heads?  Here’s the side view, just to help you decide: This hat is by Juicy Couture, and it’s $52.50 (reduced from $76) and is available here.


      Wanted! 50s-style cat’s eye sunglasses from ASOS

      Here at TFP we’re obsessed with all things 50s, and, handily enough, the fashion world is going through a flirtation with that era too at that moment, which makes it all the easier for us to stock up on pretty little things like these cat’s eye sunglasses, which are £12 at ASOS. They’re probably not going to be the easiest style to wear, and could end up looking a little too “costume party” in the wrong hands, but… did we mention they’re only £12? And retro-fabulous, dahlinks? Well, they are. Click here to buy them – but leave some for us!

      house of harlow sunglasses

      Legless: House of Harlow 1960’s Olivia Sunglasses with Chain

      Bored with standard sunglasses? You know, the ones with two legs? Well, take a look at these ones by Nicole Ritchie’s House of Harlow 1960 label: you may have trouble keeping them on your nose, but at least you won’t be able to put them down somewhere and lose them. They’ll also make a rather quirky little necklace… There’s something a bit “Sherlock Holmes” about them, isn’t there? Maybe we should think about issuing them to the force. What do you think of them? (Click here to buy them)