Crimes of Fashion

A new use for scarves, from Comme Des Garcons

Got any old scarves lying around the house, readers? Maybe some old ones you don’t really use any more, and which you’re not adverse to turning into something new? Well, boy, but do we have  a DIY project for you!

 (Top, $1379, click here to buy it)

Now, we know what you’re thinking: you’re all, “But Fashion Police, this is all very well, but what on earth will I wear WITH my top of many scarves?” Worry not, young Padawan:

(Skirt, $2190: click here to buy it)

A Scarf Skirt! A $2,190 scarf skirt! What’s not to love?

OK, so at this point you’re probably thinking that, actually, there is quite a lot to love. Because it’s quite creative to make clothes out of scarves, and it’s outright GENIUS to be able to sell them for thousands of dollars. (No arguments from us on the second point, by the way.) And also, it’s ART, and anyone who doesn’t like it just DOESN’T UNDERSTAND.

OK, OK, we hear you. And the scarves themselves look like they’re probably silk, which would go some way – although not all the way – towards explaining the high price. You can have your scarf skirt and your scarf top, and verily, you will look like a true Scarf Monster if you try to wear them together, but of course, that’s up to you.

While you’re busy spending money on the scarf stuff, though, can we perhaps interest you in some nice outerwear to go with it?

(Jackets, many hundreds of dollars, click here to buy them)

You know, it’s a shame each jacket doesn’t have the gap on the opposite side, isn’t it? That way, you could buy both, and between them they’d make a full jacket. Of course, buying both would cost you $1585, but that’s nothing compared to what you’ve just spent on the scarves, is it? In fact, you may as well throw in an extra $745 and get a sweater, too:

(Sweater, $745: click here to buy it)

Don’t you just hate it when the left hand side of your body gets hot, but only from the chest down? So few designers today actually address that problem, do they?

Of course, all of this is very typical of Comme des Garcons, and we wouldn’t expect any less from a brand famed for their avant-guarde approach to fashion. Do you think these pieces are actually wearable in day-to-day life, though? Would you, for instance, wear one of the jackets to work – or if not to work, then where? Do you think fashion HAS to be wearable, or is it enough for it just to stand alone as art?

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