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90s-style chokers make a comeback at River Island

choker necklaces

If you were alive in the 90s – and old enough to buy /choose your own clothes – chances are, you probably owned a choker or two. Or five.

Chokers were the very height of fashion in the 90s. Buffy wore them. Sabrina the Teenage Witch wore them. All the girls on 90210 (Or Beverly Hills 90210, as it was then…) wore them. You and your friends probably wore them. Your dog wore them. Your granny… probably didn’t wear them, actually. Moving on…

If you were REALLY cool, you might have had one of the “tattoo” choker necklaces, which made you look like you had a tattoo circling your neck (or, to those in the know, like you’d hit up Claire’s Accessories on the way home from school, and bought the same damn necklace everyone else had…), and if you couldn’t afford to buy a ready-made choker, you might have just used any old ribbon you could find. Velvet was particularly trendy, as were chokers with little pendants dangling from them, like the one on the right of the image above.

Speaking of the image above: these two chokers aren’t from the 90s – they’re from the River Island website, where they’ll set you back £8 and £10 respectively. Two chokers in one store isn’t enough to declare a trend, and nor is it a sign of the coming apocalypse – sorry, we mean 90s revival – but it interested us nevertheless: we’ve heard a lot about how the 70s will be “big” this spring/summer , but if the 90s decide to step up to the plate and give the flared jeans and patchwork pockets a run for their money, we’ll enjoy seeing which decade will win.

Which team are you on: Team 90s Revival or Team 70s Throwback? And what about chokers? Did you own one? Would you buy one now? If you would, you know where to go…

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