The Best 80’s Fashion Accessories

80’s Fashion wasn’t just about the shell-suits and the shoulder pads. No, there were accessories to think about too, you know – and many of them were just as bad as the other 80’s fashion items we’ve already discussed here at The Fashion Police. Let’s take a look at some of them…

80’s Fashion Accessories for the Hair

Hair in the 80’s generally took one of two forms: it was either big and curly, like a poodle, or it was short and spiky, like… well, like Agyness Deyn, really. This type of ‘do’ required its own special accessories, which included:


Lord only knows why anyone ever thought the scrunchie was an acceptable thing to wear on your head. Basically a garter for the hair, these came in a variety of “wacky” 80’s colours, and while the idea was a sound one (the scrunchy was soft and therefore wouldn’t harm your hair), the reality was fugly. Also worn on the wrist, the scrunchie remained an essential part of the 80’s fashion scene throughout the decade, and can still be found today, although mostly on little girls who don’t know any better.

Banana Clips

The banana clip was a long, banana shaped comb which, when clasped around the hair, would case it to cascade waterfall-like, down your back. Given that this is 80’s fashion we’re talking about, they naturally came in fluorescent colours, and didn’t look very nice, but people wore them anyway.

Pineapple Clips

Even worse than its predecessor, the banana clip, pineapple clips made your hair look like it was spouting out of your head, like a geyser. No, it didn’t look cute, now you come to mention it.

Hair Mascara

Bright blue streaks through your poodle-perm, madam? Oh hell, yeah!

80’s Fashion Accessories for the Arms

80s_fashion 80’s fashion placed a fair bit of emphasis on the arms and hands, and for this we have Madonna to thank. She started the trend for lacey, fingerless gloves, and we’ve never really forgiven her for it. Madonna also taught us that there was absolutely nothing wrong with wearing all of your bracelets and rings at the same time. She was wrong, of course, but by that point most people didn’t care any more…

80’s Fashion Accessories for the Feet

We’ve already discussed the trend for neon socks, leg warmers and high-top sneakers, and we think it’s best not to refresh our memories by going over them all again. Another 80’s fashion trend for the feet which we’ve not mentioned, however, was exclusive to the UK and involved the attaching of Grolsh bottle tops to the laces of your Doc Marten shoes. This was started by the 80’s pop band, Bros, who also brought back the boxy leather jacket and ripped jeans from the fashion archives, bless them.

Other 80’s Fashion Accessories

Remember jelly shoes? Ray-Bans? Roller skates? Congratulations: you know your 80’s fashion! Aren’t you pleased to have left it all behind, though?


  • March 31, 2014


    I’m the first to comment?! Cool!!:) jk I’m really bored looking up 80’s prom fashion for my uncles prom party he’s throwing so other tips would be appreciated

  • October 5, 2014


    I’m a fashion teacher who actually survived through the 80’s as a teen! I went through a New Wave stage (all black, short asymmetrical hair, avant grade type fashion). I tried to look up this short lived style but surprisingly I couldn’t find much save for some references to British New Wave bands (because, after all, the New Wave fashion was closely tied to the British music Invasion of the 80’s). As for some more tips, how about the fitness trend? Ripstop pants rolled down at the waist to the hips, tight leotard tank tops in neon colours and, of course, the quintessential headband perched atop a mass of permed hair. Yup–it was a terrible time to have naturally straight Asian hair living in Vancouver, BC’s rainy climate, much like I imagine the UK climate. Rain…the worst enemy of BIG volumized coifs…I shake my fist at you!!!