8 Pairs Of Shoes Every Woman Should Own

Let’s be real: Women really are addicted to shoes. We love our sandals, our high heels, our boots. We love them all! Carrie Bradshaw wasn’t lying when she belabored her love for shoes on Sex and the City. While you probably love shoes, you have to ask yourself: Do I really have a complete shoe collection? If your collection is missing any of these pairs, we don’t think you do! Check out eight pairs of shoes that every woman should own:

8 Pairs Of Shoes Every Woman Should Own1. White Tennis Shoes

A pair of white tennis shoes are the perfect casual shoe for the perfect casual outfit. Think of a standard pair of Keds! They go with jeans a t-shirt. They go with cute capris and a sweater. They’re truly more versatile than you’d ever think.

8 Pairs Of Shoes Every Woman Should Own2. Red Pumps

A good pair of red pumps add the perfect pop of color to any work outfit or any night-out-on-the-town ensemble. They’re sexy. They’re flattering. They’re totally chic and timeless.

8 Pairs Of Shoes Every Woman Should Own3. Black Pumps

Take literally everything we just said about red pumps, and apply it to black pumps. Having a pair of black pumps and red pumps is the essential amount of sexy that you need in your shoe collection.

8 Pairs Of Shoes Every Woman Should Own4. Leather Boots

We don’t care if they’re brown, black, tan, or whatever – you need a quality pair of leather boots in your wardrobe. They’ll come in handy for all of your Fall and Winter outfits by keeping you warm and just looking fantastic, honestly.

8 Pairs Of Shoes Every Woman Should Own5. Flip-Flops

Flip-flops are an absolute essential for anyone and everyone, solely because of their convenience. Need to run out real quick? Slip on your flip-flops. Casually hanging out in your backyard? Slip on those flip-flops!

8 Pairs Of Shoes Every Woman Should Own6. Combat Boots

You might be skeptical about this one, but hear us out: Combat boots can be very stylishThey look great with a pair of skinny jeans or leather pants. They give any outfit a little bit of edge.

8 Pairs Of Shoes Every Woman Should Own7. Strappy Sandals

Strappy sandals are an important part of your shoe collection every time Summer rolls around. You need them for your beach days and your family picnics. You need them for that brunch with your co-workers and that day at the park. You need them for…you get the point.

8 Pairs Of Shoes Every Woman Should Own8. Black Flats

Black flats are one of the most versatile shoes you can own. They can be worn to work. They can be worn for a night out. They can be worn to a formal event. They can be worn to the grocery store. You can truly wear them whenever, wherever, with whatever!

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