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Wear or Die: 70s fashion


The words "70s" and "style" don’t really go together, but then again, neither did many of the items of clothing people chose to wear during that particular era, so we felt a journey back in time to the days of double denim and high waist pants was long overdue here at Wear or Die.

Now, you may well think the outfiit on the right isn’t particularly 70s, or, indeed, particularly nasty, particularly if you happen to be a fan of high waists and braces. Perhaps the fact that we’re going to force you to wear the hairstyle shown, complete with yellow ribbons, will change your mind, or maybe the horrors of the denim ensemble on the left will still be too much for you to bear: we’re about to find out.

Leave your comment below to tell us which outfit you’d choose to wear, assuming you had to wear one – die!

(Pictures from one of our very favourite blogs, the mighty Plaid Stallions…)

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