6 Christmas Jumpers We Don’t Totally Hate

Here at The Fashion Police, we’re not fans of Christmas jumpers. 

No, not even when they’re being worn “ironically”. Yes, it’s OK that you hate us for it, because seriously: who WOULDN’T want to wear a hilariously ugly sweater with a cartoon picture of Santa Claus stuck on the front? Er, we wouldn’t. And, more to the point, we wouldn’t want to waste our money on something we’d just be wearing for the sake of “joining in”, so assuming that we absolutely HAD to wear a Christmas jumper, here are some of the jumpers we’d choose…

6 stylish Christmas jumpers

01. H&M ‘Honey It’s Cold Outside’ jumper

We’re fond of a good ol’ slogan sweater, and although the slogan on this one is definitely Christmas appropriate, it’s not so specific that you couldn’t go on wearing it all winter long. Because, let’s face it, it’s ALWAYS cold outside at this time of year, isn’t it?*

(*In the northern hemisphere. Yes, we know it’s summer in Australia…)

02. Dorothy Perkins glitter bow jumper

Now THIS one we’d consider wearing all year round. Well, we DO love a bow – and a sequin bow is even better.

03. Boden ’25’ jumper

Boden can always be relied on to bring a touch of class to the Christmas jumper party, and this one is so subtle we almost missed the reference altogether. (It’s December 25th, obviously. But you knew that, of course.)

04. George sequin snowflake jumper

We know that all of our selections so far have been grey or beige, by the way. We know… we just don’t care, because if that’s what it takes to get us into one of these things, then that’s what it takes.

05. Collectif Chrissie Deer Jumper

Just for you, here’s one that isn’t grey or beige: it isn’t baggy or oversized either, like so many Christmas jumpers are, so that naturally makes it our favourite.

06. Oasis Stag jumper

We’re not sure this one even counts as a Christmas jumper, but hey: it’s sparkly, it’s wintry and we’d wear it – so we’re counting it.


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