5 Fashion Rules Rihanna Likes To Break…and Now You Can Too!

We all know that Rihanna is an absolute queen. She’s conquered the music industry. She’s built a beauty empire and also has a successful lingerie brand. She even launched her own luxury fashion line recently! It seems like Rihanna can do it all – and that includes re-inventing the rules of fashion. Rihanna is known to break a lot of common fashion rules and she always makes it work! Check out five fashion rules that Rihanna likes to break (and that you can break, too!):

1. Wearing Heels With Sweatpants

Heels and sweatpants? It seems like an odd pairing and that’s because it is. Sweatpants are considered the ultimate leisurewear. They’re made for comfort, not style. That’s why they’re your go-to ensemble for a day lounging on the couch. The thought of wearing some strappy stilettos with your favorite pair of sweatpants is probably mind-boggling, but once you’ve seen Rihanna do it, you’ll see why it works.

rihanna fashion rules

2. Over-Accessorizing

One of the biggest fashion rules is to avoid over-accessorizing. If you’re wearing a statement necklace, don’t wear any other jewelry. If you’re carrying a bold handbag, you don’t wear a bold scarf. You’ve probably heard these things before, but it’s time to throw those ideas out the window. Rihanna has shown that you can pile on the accessories and still look great!

rihanna style

3. Wearing Multiple Belts

The thought of wearing more than one belt probably sounds silly, but just look at Rihanna doing it! The Fenty beauty queen shows that even piling one belt on top of another can be an awesome look. We do recommend sticking with thin belts, though. Thick ones may be a little too much…until we see Rihanna do it.

rihanna fashion rules

4. Exposing A Bra

Your mother really wouldn’t want you to break this rule, but we’re all for it and so is Rihanna! Rihanna is the queen of the exposed bra and we are so here for it. Wearing a fancy lace bra and letting just the edge stick out the top of your shirt? Not only does it add another dimension to your outfit, it can also elevate a cute and casual look to a sexy, sultry one.

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5. Sporting Sunglasses At Night

Wearing sunglasses at night is such a bizarre thing, there’s even a popular song about it. It’s very rare to see someone wearing sunglasses at night because as far as most people are concerned, what’s the point? The whole purpose of wearing sunglasses is to protect your eyes from the sun, so why wear them when there isn’t any sun? Well, you may want to re-think your feelings on this unwritten rule, because Rihanna feels very differently about sunglasses. RihRih understands that a stylish pair of sunglasses adds to your overall ~aesthetic~ whether it’s day or night!

rihanna fashion rules

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