4 Clothing Items and Accessories You Need For Summer 2020

Summer is nearly here, but is your wardrobe ready? If your closet needs a summertime style rejuvenation, check out these four clothing items and accessories you need to have for Summer 2020!

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1. A Flowing Maxi Skirt

Flowy maxi skirts are the pillar of summertime style. When you think of long walks along the beach while the sun is setting, you think of a flowing skirt, right? We don’t know how many long walks on the beach you’ll be taking, but we do know that you need a maxi skirt in your Summer wardrobe. We suggest this one from Free People:

flowing skirt summer wardrobe

2. Strappy Sandals

Strappy sandals are another summertime staple. After all, what are you going to wear with your flowy maxi skirt? A good pair of strappy sandals can be worn with pretty much anything and everything in your Summer wardrobe, so we suggest grabbing this pair from Shopbop:

summer shoes

3. A Woven Bag

What is a woven bag? Well, it’s exactly what it sounds like. A netted bag is a relatively new summertime accessory, but we are already in love with it. It might not be great for throwing a pencil in or really anything small and thin, but it will hold everything else you need! Check out this one from Anthropologie:

summer accessories

4. A Crocheted Halter Top

Think of a crocheted top much like a woven bag – they’re pretty similar, you know. We’re not recommending just any crocheted top, though. We’re specifically recommending a crocheted halter top. Nothing says summertime quite like a halter top and if you’re looking to try the crocheted look, go for this one from Tillys:

woven crop top


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