3 Trends You May Think Look Good…But Actually Don’t

Questionable fashion trends come and go with the seasons, but some of the latest ones seem to be sticking around a little too long for our liking. Check out three current trends that you may think look good…but actually don’t:

billie eilish clothes1. All Baggy Everything

We know that Billie Eilish is making the baggy look popular and we know that she does it for an understandable reason, but we do want to say one thing: it’s not a great look. If you’re wearing oversized clothing because you feel more comfortable that way, that’s great and we wish you well. If you are wearing oversized clothing because you think it’s a good look, we have to level with you: it’s just not. It is very unflattering and looks unkept.

worst fashion trends2. Super Tiny Accessories

Bella Hadid started this trend with those micro sunglasses and then Lizzo drove it on home with her super tiny handbag. While these things may seem cute and quirky in the moment or for a particular event, they’re not everyday fashion statements. Wearing your mini sunglasses and carrying your micro handbag don’t serve any purpose. The glasses are too small to cover your eyes and the bag is too small to carry anything you need. Therefore, you’re not using these things for function – you’re doing it for attention.

horrible fashion trends3. Logos Galore

We know you like your Supreme labels and your Gucci and your this and your that…but hear us out: Not all of your outfits need to be a billboard. We get it; you want to show off your designer clothing. You spent your hard-earned money on that stuff! With that said, logo overload is tacky. It’s fine to have one part of your ensemble with a logo on it, but not every part of your ensemble. No one wants to be a walking advertisement.

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