2019 Fashion Trends We’re Already Over

mini bag trend

Every year has its own surge of fashion trends. Some are totally new trends, while others are ones that have cycled back around from years prior. We’re just over halfway through 2019 and that means we’ve basically seen all of the style trends the year has to offer. Many have been totally great (neutrals everywhere!) and others have been…well, not so great. Check out five 2019 fashion trends that we’re ready to say “goodbye” to!

1. Animal Print

Let’s not kid ourselves: animal print is nothing new. Animal print as a fashion trend seems to go around and around. It may disappear for two or three years and then boom – it’s back. Leopard print pants, zebra striped bags. It’s all too much! We feel like animal print only really works on very rare occasions. Otherwise, it’s an obnoxious and tacky look. (Yeah, we said it.) We’d rather see these prints on the actual animals, not on your clothing.

2019 fashion trends we hate

 2. Bicycle Shorts

We completely, entirely, fully blame Kim Kardashian for this trend. Last year, the media superstar was spotted wearing bicycle shorts out and about on more occasions than anyone could begin to count. We’re pretty sure that she was only doing this to show off her perfect figure, but the look really caught on with fans. Everywhere we look, someone is walking around in bicycle shorts – and there’s never a bicycle in sight! Can we go back to the days where bicycle shorts were only worn by cyclists and now people shopping at the grocery store?

2019 trends we're done with

3. Puffy Shoulders

Remember when we said that many fashion trends cycle back from years prior? Yeah, well, some of them should stay in years prior. Shirts, dresses, and jackets with puffy shoulders were all the rage in the 80’s and for some reason they made a huge comeback this year. We have no idea why. We have no idea how. All we know is that this is not a flattering look on anyone and we are ready for puffy shoulders to go back to the relics of fashion history.

2019 fashion trends

4. Mini Bags

Every Instagram “it-girl” and fashion supermodel has been spotted carrying the same accessory this year: the mini bag. Sure, a super teensy tiny bag may look absolutely adorable. With that said, what can it actually carry? Many of these bags are way too small to even put your phone in. Actually, from the looks of them, the total capacity is probably one lipstick and a five dollar bill. We’re sorry, but we need to be able to carry more than that!

2019 fashion trends we're sick of

5. Bucket Hats

Just like puffy shoulders, there are certain fashion trends that should never be resurrected. Bucket hats were huge in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. At the time, you could open up any tabloid magazine and see at least ten of your favorite celebs sporting bucket hats. While it may have seemed like a quirky trend back then, it wasn’t so fun when it re-emerged this year. The bucket hat just doesn’t have the same appeal it once did and for that reason, we need to see it go.

2019 fashion trends

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