Scrunchies are making a comeback: will you wear one?

hair scrunchies

Scrunchies: ASOS

Like many items from the 80s and 90s, scrunchies are currently making a bit of a comeback, and are available to buy at places like ASOS (where we found the examples above) and various other mass-market retailers. So, how do we feel about this?

Well, on the plus side, scrunchies are kinder to your hair than many other forms of hair-tie. The fabric which surrounds them doesn’t snag or pull at your hair, and they’re comfortable to wear to bed, say, or to tie your hair up in the shower or bath. Scrunchies also come in a variety of different colours and prints (like the monochrome one above, which is “bang on trend” for this season), so they’re more like accessories than simple hair ties.

On the minus side, however… they’re scrunchies. Which we last wore in the 90s, with our high-waisted jeans and our acid house t-shirts. They say that if you’re old enough to remember a trend from the first time it was in fashion, you’re too old to wear it the second time. We don’t subscribe to that theory at all (Do you?): we reckon that if the trend in question is a good one, and it’s still flattering on you, then there’s no reason whatsoever to force yourself to avoid it purely for the sake of abiding by some silly “rule”. That said, we didn’t love scrunchies the first time round, so we’re probably not going to start loving them now, either, although we probably wouldn’t put a simple hair accessory in the “fashion crime” category either – unless you really want us to, that is.

DO you want us to class scrunchies as fashion crimes? Tell us where you stand on this important issue, people: should scrunchies have stayed in the past, where they belong, or do you have no issue with them making their mark on the modern world?

  1. fashion crime !!!!!!! It just looks cute on that model but probably terrible on anybody else a

  2. I only wear it at home because it does less damage to the hair. The scrunchies are my best friends during heat waves. But I don’t wear it outside my home because it just looks ridiculous.

  3. Scrunchies proclaim to all around you – I didn’t wash my hair this morning and I don’t care who knows it! Now, some stylists are recommending not washing your hair everyday and going with the ‘texture’ this creates instead. So maybe it is no coincidence that scrunchies are also coming back.

    1. I actually tried to do that advice but I can’t do it. If I don’t wash my hair I feel nasty. I can only stay like that for a day. I really don’t know how people can spend a week or more without washing. But when they do, they’re hair really looks way better than mine. However, your scrunchies theory really makes sense.

      Scrunchies are way more pratical for those “I didn’t wash my hair days”.

      1. I feel the same, my hair is too oily and if I don’t wash it, I can’t think straight. Just gaack.

      2. What happens is that if you wash your hair every day, especially with shampoo and conditioner, the natural oil gets washed out as well, so to catch up with it your scalp ends up producing more oil than it needs.

        If you managed to increase the distance between washes, your oil production would settle down and you would find yourself with better hair.

        I know it’s difficult, but the way a friend of mine did it was this: she started washing her hair with products every other day, simply rinsing it with water in the day in the middle. In a few weeks she switched to once every two days, rinsing once in the middle, and so on until she got to once a week. :)

  4. My mom grow up in the 80:s so we still have some laying around, i actually like them alot! I don’t have them in school but it’s perfect on a lazy day or if you just want you hair out of your face!

  5. I used to love them and to make them myself, from any leftover fabric that came my way. I decorated them with flowers and pears and sequins and little bows and feathers and – you name it, I certainly had sewn it on a scrunchie. Well, I was young then – now I think they are just as unflattering as baseball caps or some of the more silly headpieces. They scream “infantile”. I adore them on pre-pubescent girls, but not beyond.

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