We normally save the fashion crimes until our regular Friday roundup, but we strongly suspect these leggings of being the ugliest leggings  we’ve ever seen, and we need your go-ahead to lock them up and throw away the key. Here’s the evidence:
animal print leggings with mesh section in the side
back view of animal print leggings

animal print leggings

What do you think, jurors? Are these a crime of fashion… or is that the stupidest question you’ve heard all year?

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  1. Please hurry up with the locking and do well to throw the key where nothing, I mean absolute nothing can find it.

  2. This is the ugliest thing I have ever seen! Lock them up in the darkest dungeon you can find and drop the key over the deepest part of the ocean so it will never have the chance of escaping!

  3. Like something from a “Flintstones” movie – yet another attempt to try and make a jaded audience notice one’s flesh.

  4. Its… Its a lepoard spotted cuddlefish.
    No really. http://cdn2.arkive.org/media/CF/CF829B62-6E58-42E4-B87F-ED6B51C27895/Presentation.Large/Common-cuttlefish.jpg

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