February, 2013

how to find items that are sold out

Out of Stock: How to find those sold out items

OUT OF STOCK: three little words guaranteed to make every fashion-lover’s heart sink. We all know the feeling, don’t we? You find something you absolutely love: maybe on Pinterest, maybe on a blog – maybe even on THIS blog. You know you have to have it, so you click excitedly on the link, you wait for the page to load, and…. OUT OF STOCK. Gah. So, what do you do when the item you love is out of stock? Well, many of you come here and ask The Fashion Police where to find it, which is why we’ve put together some tips and tricks which might help you track down that out of stock item. Note the word might, though:…

is this the worst wedding dress ever?

Worst Wedding Dress, revisisted

We thought we’d found the worst wedding dress in the world last month, when we showed you the see-through creation with the long, plastic-looking train. We were wrong. We’re pretty sure THIS is the worst wedding dress in the world: Or, at least it WOULD be if it was actually available to buy and wear. Happily for wedding guests all over the world, though (Seriously, can you imagine trying to keep a straight face as THIS walked down the aisle towards you?) this isn’t actually “fashion”, but ART. It was designed by artist Hazel Moore, who displayed it during her degree show at Glasgow School of Art. Hazel says: [yo_quote author=”Hazel Moore”]My degree show work for example explored the iconic…

monochrome stripe dress

Dress of the Day | Monochrome striped dress by Apricot

Monochrome striped dress, £34 OK. We’ve shown you a lot of monochrome dresses this year. And we’ve shown you a lot of striped dresses. In fact, we’ve shown you a lot of monochrome striped dresses… and we’ll probably show you some more.  Of all of the dresses we’ve seen in this particular style lately – and we’ve seen a LOT – this one by Apricot has to be our very favourite. That’s handy, too, because it’s also the cheapest so far, at just £34.  That hardly EVER happens, does it? We love this dress for it’s combination of simplicity and drama. The bold stripes give it a lot of impact, but the classic shape prevents it from being too loud,…

would you wear culottes?

Culottes make a comeback: want some?

AS much as we love it, Spring/Summer fashion tends to be a little on the predictable side. Floral dresses. Shorts. Breton stripes. You know the drill. This season, however, a new item has joined the ranks of the familiar old items: or, rather, an OLD item which is going through something of a revival. Everyone say hello to our old friend, culottes… Culottes, £45, ASOS Culottes are not a new thing. Actually, they’ve been around for a very long time, although they’re rarely considered to be at the cutting-edge of fashion, exactly. We’re sure you all know what we’re talking about here, but for the uninitiated, culottes are essentially divided skirts… or very wide-legged shorts, which simply LOOK like skirts. To be…

green strapless dress

Dress of the Day: Alice + Olivia Venus Straplesss Gathered Fitted Dress

Alice + Olivia Venus Straplesss Gathered Fitted Dress, $396 Right now, we’d be quite happy if we could somehow find a way to crawl inside the Alice + Olivia website and just stay there. Anyone know who we need to talk to about that? It’s safe to say, then, that we’re loving the S/S 2013 collection. This dress is just one of the pieces we love from it, and although it’s a length which many – and perhaps even most – people find problematic, the good news is that Shopbop have an above-the-knee version, if that’s more your style. As for us, well, we’re suckers for midi dresses, and think the strapless bodice and bodycon design more than compensate for…

ombre jeans in acid wash

Ombre jeans at ASOS: Crime of Fashion?

Late last week, The Fashion Police spotted these ombre jeans over at ASOS. We’re pretty sure they’re a crime of fashion, but what do YOU think? Let’s take a look at the evidence, shall we? Ombre jeans: a crime of fashion? The ombre trend has been around for a while now. It started out with hair, and seemed like a great excuse for everyone to give up hair dye and just let their roots grow out in the name of fashion. Then it spread to clothes. We’ve seen ombre applied to just about every item you can think of, and this definitely isn’t the worst pair of ombre jeans we’ve seen. We do think they could be one of the…

river island pink prom dress

Dress of the Day: River Island pink prom dress

River Island pink prom dress, £65 This one is possibly too sweet to be wholesome (What do you really expect from a post labelled “pink prom dress” though?) and it’s definitely aimed at the younger end of the market, but for a high street dress, we think it’s pretty cute. We also think we see a tulle underskirt lurking under the skirt: that grants it almost automatic DOTD status… Buy it

Gold statuettes at the Oscars 2013

Fashion Police at the Oscars 2013: red carpet roundup

We fear the age of celebrity stylists has made the Oscars boring. Gone are the days of Bjork in a swan dress or Celine Dion in a back-to-front tuxedo: these are the days of (mostly) immaculate hair and makeup, and very few risks. You could say that was a good thing, of course. The Fashion Police had to make very few arrests at the Oscars 2013, which technically means that most people were “well dressed”. It does make it all a bit dull, though, doesn’t it? Fashion Police at the Oscars 2013: red carpet roundup You’ll find the full gallery from the Oscars 2013 red carpet at the bottom of this post. Before you get to it, though, some very…

Heidi Klum in a low cut gold dress

Fashion Police at the 21st Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party

For everyone who doesn’t get invited to the Academy Awards, there is the Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party. And for everyone who thought the Oscars 2013 red carpet was just a tad boring, there is Paz Vega: Paz Vega at the  Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party Seriously, the shoes are worthy of an entire post on their own, aren’t they? Hell, the RUFFLES are worthy of their own post. WHY wasn’t Paz Vega at the Oscars? If everyone had dressed like this, we might have needed a little less coffee… Meanwhile, for everyone who thought the Oscars were just a little too CLASSY, here are Heidi Klum’s breasts: Heidi Klum at the  Annual Elton…

Fashion Crimes of the Week: ugly fashion at your fingertips

Each Friday, The Fashion Police take a look back at some of the crimes of fashion which were called in during the week just gone. Some of these items you may love, and some you may hate: they all stand accused of being items of ugly fashion – now it’s up to you to cast the final judgement upon them… Ugly fashion? Or just refreshingly different? This week kicked off with the launch of the J. W. Anderson for Topshop collection. The clothes themselves didn’t particularly strike as as constituting crimes of fashion, but the styling of the ad campaign (seen above) gave us horrible flashbacks to The Ring -and any other horror movie featuring a creepy little long-haired girl,…

dress of the day

Dress of the Day: Trashy Diva Honey Child Dress

Trashy Diva Honey Child Dress, £163 Trashy Diva’s ‘Honey’ dress is a Fashion Police favourite, and we’d own one in every colour if we possibly could. This season it’s been re-vented as ‘Honey Child’, which uses the same crumbcatcher-style bodice as ‘Honey’, but with a pencil skirt rather than a full one. We love this beautiful blue colour, but if you prefer the original shape of the Honey dress, you’ll be happy to know that it’s now available in this colour too. Buy it

animal hats

Would you wear… a panther hat?

Framcesco Ballestrazzi’s black velvet panther hat is certainly one of the more unique pieces of headwear we’ve seen in a while. Yes, this is us trying to be tactful. You COULD say that this is a fabulous example of “fashion as art” – a daring statement piece that only the most courageous fashion mavericks will ever dare to wear. Or you COULD say, “OMG, that dude is, like, totally wearing a panther on his head!” Which side are YOU on? Well, THIS doesn’t look awkward in the slightest, does it? Having already addressed the thorny issue of whether rabbits and shoes should ever mix this morning, we guess the next logical question is… Would you wear a panther hat? (Uh, we’d just…

Irregular Choice Thumper

Irregular Choice Thumper: crimes against bunnies

These Irregular Choice Thumper shoes will be available to buy in the UK in just a few short weeks. Do you want to walk on a rabbit, though, or do you think these bunnies should be set free? Let’s take a look at the evidence… Irregular Choice Thumper heels – available this March OK, Irregular Choice, we get it: you’re “quirky”. And also a little kerrrazy. Your the choice that is “irregular”, for people who love to be different, and ain’t nothing wrong with that. There’s a difference, though, between “quirky” and “looking like you’re stepping on an ickle pink bunny wabbit, OMG, who would do such a thing!” We know which of those WE think these Irregular Choice Thumper…

Little Mix on the red carpet at the Brit Awards 2013

Fashion Police at the Brit Awards 2013

Last night, celebrities rolled up to the O2 Arena in London for the Brit Awards 2013. The Brits are traditionally one of the awards ceremonies at which The Fashion Police make most arrests. For reasons we don’t quite understand, while the other awards shows tend to bring out the best in the celebrities who walk their red carpets (Or MOST of them, anyway…), the Brits… doesn’t. Was this year better or worse than usual in the style stakes? Let’s take a look and see… Little Mix at the Brit Awards 2013 The Brit Awards 2013: Arrivals… The photo above more or less sums up this year’s Brits fashion for us. This is Little Mix: a band formed for The X-Factor,…

ASOS Spring 2013

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly: ASOS Spring 2013

The Good: ASOS Spring 2013 dresses LOVE the dresses. Or we would if they were just a little bit longer, anyway. OK, quite a bit longer: the one on the left isn’t passing the Fingertip Test on this model, and we have no idea how she’d be able to move freely in it without fear of flashing everyone. We’re willing to concede that the rest of the world tends to like hemlines a lot shorter than we’d wear personally, though, so that aside, top marks to ASOS for excellent work on the summer dress front. We particularly like the print on the one of the left: yes, it reminds us of a vase, but it would be perfect on a…

Black and white Hobbs Invitation Leanna dress

Dress of the Day: Hobbs Invitation Leanna Dress

Hobbs Invitation Leanna Dress, £229 We’re cheating slightly with this Dress of the Day, because we’ve already shown you the Hobbs Invitation Leanna dress as part of our “How to Wear Stripes” feature. It’s now actually available to buy on the Hobbs wesbite, though, so just in case you missed it, here it is again. The monochrome look is currently very fashionable, but that’s not why we love this dress: no, we love it because black and white stripes will always be a classic as far as we’re concerned, and when they’re teamed with a nipped-in waist and full skirt, they can basically do no wrong. There is one “wrong” being done here, though, and that’s the price. Time to…

Isla Fisher as Becky Bloomwood in Confessions of a Shopaholic

Can you have too many clothes?

As Vivienne Westwood criticises Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, for having “too many clothes”, The Fashion Police ask: IS there such a thing? Can you have too many clothes, or is it a case of “the more, the merrier”? Becky Bloomwood doesn’t think you can have too many clothes… unless Hugh Dancy says so.  Can you have too many clothes? Vivienne Westwood’s at it again. Last year she criticised Kate Middleton’s eyeliner; this year she says the Duchess of Cambridge has too many clothes, and should wear the same thing over and over in order to help the environment. Guess it must be Fashion Week again, then! “I don’t have any advice to her,” said Westwood, before going on to…

Coast Glamour bow dress in blue

Our 900th Dress of the Day: Coast Glamour Bow Dress

Coast Glamour Bow Dress, £175 It’s hard to believe it, but this dress is our 900th Dress of Day. We started the feature back in 2006, and while there have been a few hiatuses along the way, we’ve been doing our best to bring you a daily dose of  (mostly retro-inspired) delightful dresses ever since. Last week we wrote about the importance of having a signature style, and our admiration for those who do. Dress of the Day is our way to share The Fashion Police’s “signature style” with you, and to mark the occasion of our 900th post, we think  Coast’s Glamour Bow Dress does a pretty good job of summing that up: the classic shape, the bold colour, the giant bow… these are…

Marc by Marc Jacobs polka dot jprint eans

Gimme 5: Polka dot print jeans

Five pairs of polka dot print jeans, coming up… Polka dot print jeans have been around for a couple of seasons now (and, of course, polka dots are a print that never really die…) but while last year’s look was all bold, black and white dots, this year the trend has taken a slightly more subtle turn: think faded denim, faded dots, and a smaller, more subtle print. This is mostly being applied to blue jeans rather than coloured ones, although you’ll find polka dots on all kinds of denim, if you look hard enough. If you’re looking for the kind of dot print jeans described above, however, you don’t have to worry, because we’ve done the looking for you….

Louche Badger stripe dress

Dress of the Day: Louche Badger stripe dress

Louche Badger stripe dress, £45 Stripes may be a little obvious for a spring dress, but when have The Fashion Police ever let that stop them? Never, that’s when. This is a cute and casual little dress, with an interesting wrap effect tie on the side, to bring in the waist and create a bit of an hourglass effect, even on those of us who aren’t that shape naturally. And people say stripes are fattening… BUY IT