drop-crotch suitGrey wool trousers with a matching, fitted suit jacket sounds like a very office-appropriate kind of outfit, doesn’t it?

These pants, though… don’t. In fact, these pants don’t really strike us as appropriate for ANYWHERE, really.

On the plus side, at least you can leave the handbag at home and carry everything you need for the day in the crotch. OK, it’s not much of a “plus side”, to be honest. If you can think of another one, we’d love to hear it: after all, there has to be SOME reason people would pay £353 for these, surely?

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  1. Plus side: It is fairly easy to cut the pants off at the knee and make oneself a normal skirt suit. I’d hate to see 353 quid to go to waste.

  2. We should be sympathetic with the poor woman. Given the orthopedic oxfords she’s wearing with the pants that are clearly designed to cover some horrid medical appliance, she is doing a good job of looking presentable for her job interview. What? Oh, she’s not severely deformed? Than what the hell is the point of that?

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